Why choose SMC, LLC?  

SMC has an extensive background in the buying & selling and in the appraisal of industrial and commercial machinery, which provides us with a large breadth of experience in the valuation and marketing of equipment.  All auction clients are assigned a coordinator that oversees the entire auction process from the initial consultation to removal of the sold items.   The key to a successful auction is marketing and SMC's experience in the global market ensures that all auctions are marketed to their fullest potential.   

What to Expect

  • Once you contact our team we will discuss with you your particular needs and the type of capital assets involved.
  • We will schedule a time to personally visit the location(s) in question and will inspect & catalog all machinery, equipment or inventory. In the case of M&E, we will research the equipment, develop a value or benchmark price and identify end users for each piece of equipment. From this data we will create an appropriate marketing plan, which may include:
    • an outright cash purchase
    • a commission from the company plus a “Buyers Premium”
    • net minimum guarantee
    • or a combination of the three.
  • Once approval is received we will devise a marketing plan to specifically target high-potential buyer prospects including professional networking, direct mail, broadcast email, on-premises signage, web-based marketing, etc. All marketing will include extensive contact with dealers and brokers either targeted or nationwide.
  • Based upon the approved marketing plan a preliminary marketing budget will be developed.
  • Prospective buyers will be identified and in order to maximize returns attempts will be made to sell your assets directly in order to maximize returns before resorting to the auction, which is used to dispose of the remaining assets.
  • The auction will be thoroughly advertised based upon the approved marketing plan and budget.
  • An on-site coordinator will oversee all aspects of the auction including:
    • Cataloging
    • Cleaning and Organizing assets in a way to enhance marketability
    • Provide information as requested by potential clients
    • Conduct previewing of the assets prior to auction
    • Provide a fully qualified , licensed and experienced auctioneer who will auction lots to the highest bidder on an “as is, where is” basis both live and by webcast
    • Or hold a strictly on-line auction
    • SMC will charge and collect all necessary deposits, taxes and payments for items and will have riggers available to assist purchasers in the removal of their items in the time frames established.


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