Why Choose SMC Auctions?  

SMC has extensive knowledge and experience in the buying, selling and appraisal of industrial and commercial machinery. We've worked with thousands of clients and understand how to get the best price for the equipment being sold. We provide clients with white-glove service, assigning a special coordinator who will manage the entire auction process from start to finish. 

What to Expect

When you call us, we'll talk about your goals and the types of equipment or items you have. We'll arrange a visit to view and catalog all of the items you'd like to sell. This will include inspections of machinery and pricing discussions. Then our team will get to work!

We'll make a plan to market and sell your items, which might include different ways of selling, like:

  • An outright cash purchase
  • A commission from the company plus a "Buyers Premium"
  • Net minimum guarantee
  • Or any combination of these

Once you approve of the plan, we'll start marketing your items to find high-potential buyers. This could include sending out emails, using on-site signage, and sponsoring online ads. We'll also contact our extensive national network of dealers and brokers.

We'll set a marketing budget and start finding potential buyers. We'll try to sell directly to these buyers first to get you the most money before we think about an auction. The auction will be well-advertised and we'll have someone onsite to manage it all. 

We'll manage:

  • Listing and organizing items
  • Answering questions from people interested in buying
  • Showing items before the auction
  • Administering a professionally-run online auction
  • Handling of payments
  • Helping buyers pick up their purchases on time

Choosing SMC means you'll get a full-service solution to ensure your items sell for the best price.


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