Sell on Consignment

Interested in selling your excess equipment on consignment?

We have the ability to market your surplus equipment via our online auction service.   We can market a wide range of industrial and commercial equipment.  

How does it work?

  • Contact SMC, LLC to confidentially discuss your equipment available for sale at which time we will make a decision whether or not the equipment is suitable for the sale.
  • Depending upon the number of items of sale, location and type we may personally view the equipment or we may rely upon your descriptions and photographs.  Items can be offered for sale with a reserve.   There is a nominal listing fee per item for each piece of equipment that is offered for sale with a reserve.
  • Items may remain at your facility during the course of the auction.   You may be requested to make available the equipment for viewings to potential bidders.  
  • Winning bidders are responsible for the cost of rigging and trucking and removal times will be coordinated by SMC, LLC.  
  • A commission is charged to the gross price of all sold items.  The commission varies depending upon potential sales price, number of items listed, etc.  The seller is not responsible for any additional costs associated with the auction.  SMC, LLC covers the entire cost of advertising and administration for the auction.
  • The entire process from beginning to end is managed by our auction team.
  • Consignment Equipment Checklist


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