Dear SMC Auctions,

I just wanted to thank you for the great work that you and the SMC crew did on the Edens Automatics auction Dec 10, 2019. The crew did an amazing job at cleaning up the machines and preparing for the auction. The displays and postings were done quite well and I am not sure the equipment could have been presented any better than how you presented it. The auction process went quite well and the removal of the massive amount of equipment form difficult surroundings was done extremely well also. You were honest and transparent about the auction expenses and fees and stuck by what was outlined in the contract. In the end, the proceeds were almost exactly in between the high and low estimate you gave us. You kept our hopes up but did not make promises that you could not deliver on.

On behalf of the Edens family, I would like to thank you for all the hard work and great job that you all did.

Many Thanks!

R. Erik Edens

Edens Automatics, Inc.

3901 Hickory Grove Rd.

Davenport, IA

R. Erik Edens
Edens Automatics

I am writing to recommend the services of SMC Auctions after auctioning my brother's metal working shop/estate. We cannot thank you enough how quickly you organized and orchestrated what seemed like an insurmountable project with great professionalism and communication throughout. I cannot thank you enough.


Lori Dekko

Lori Dekko
All Custom Steel


I want to thank Smith Machinery and their staff, especially Wes & Scott, for a job well done.  When I began this nightmare of a journey I had no idea where to start with the dispersal of Phil's shop. Luckily I was given your name and the rest is history.

I will keep the company info close at hand and will enthusiastically refer you to anyone I meet who would be in need of any of the services Smith Machiney offers.  Especially your Auctions!

Again, thank you for helping me through this part of my journey effortlessly and with little or no pain. 



Alma Swanson

Alma Swanson
Philip D. Swanson Estate

I am writing a quick letter of appreciation for the work that was done at my auction that was held this last fall for Midwest Machine & Tool in Hampton Iowa. I had never really thought about an auction service before but as our company got to the point that a decision had to made on how to shut down and still get the most out of our assets. I reached out to SMC Auctions, and I have to say that WOW I was impressed. From my first phone call, to the response when the team came to do a walk through and review what we did and did not want sell, to the hours they put in organizing our things putting them in bins, tagging them. To the auction itself, keeping me in the loop the entire time, communication ! – the loading / clean up, all of it. They followed through with everything they promised. I want to throw a quote out there – “ Jim Smith “  ( the price of any given item is only worth what someone is willing to give at the auction.)  he was right , because some of things we thought were going to sell really well didn’t – and some of things we thought (why?) well they sold great!  All I can say is that they did everything they said they would, we met – in fact we BEAT the number we were going after in the sale.  I am a happy customer, with the service and the result.  If you are thinking about having an Auction. I would look no further than SMC.


With that I want to say, bid high and bid often


Michael Wilkinson

Midwest Machine and Tool

Michael Wilkinson
Midwest Machine and Tool

I just wanted to let you and Jim know just how pleased BankFirst was with the services you provided us recently.  There is no doubt that the bank benefited from your quick and efficient actions.  The job you guys provided needed to be done in a very short window of time and by getting things done when you did saved us a lot of money.  

Thanks for everything you did for us.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Rex M.
Bank First

I want to thank you for helping me deal with, what first seemed to me, to be an impossible task in disposing of nearly 150 pieces of heavy machinery at the Midwest Machine Shop.  In view of the fact that much of the equipment was obsolete or parts missing, you did a commendable job in having a timely sale, and delivering the building to me as promised, totally cleared and swept out.  You made my job much easier to market this property.

Jack H.
Coldwell Banker

The online auction experience was great.  I had a fun time bidding on several items on the Komo sale and was able to win a couple.   The items were delivered as promised and I couldn't be happier with the experience.  Thank you!!!

John S.
Auction Bidder
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